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Here's how you can build sophisticated and responsive AI experiences into your own application using the Telnyx voice API.
Leading companies trust Telnyx to deliver better customer communications.

A smarter way to control and route your calls

Play Audio

Play pre-recorded prompts or hold music

Conference Calls

Connect people and teams across the world

Media Streaming

Duplicate and deliver the media stream to multiple recipients


Speak dynamic text in 28 accents across various languages

Gather Inputs

Collect input from your caller’s keypad to manage call flow

Dynamic Caller ID

Improve call connect rates by displaying a custom caller ID

Voicemail Detection

Automatically detect if a call went to voicemail

Call Recording

Dual-channel recording - store and retrieve calls as needed

See how Replicant AI leverages Telnyx

Replicant uses state-of-the-art voice technology and machine learning to solve customer problems. With Telnyx, Replicant delivers authentic conversations driven by sophisticated real-time analytics.

The results:

  • 3s to 1s reduced latency between conversation turns
  • 86% cost reduction
  • Voice analytics enabled by real-time media streaming

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Five reasons you should switch from Twilio

Superior Network
Telnyx is a carrier, we manage a private network environment with complete control over call routing for faster resolutions. Twilio relies on the public internet for connectivity and middlemen for call routing and core communications functionality. Learn more.
Lower Costs
Telnyx pricing starts at $0.007 / minute to make a local outbound call using our voice API, compared to $0.013 / minute for the same call on Twilio - so you could cut your bill almost in half by switching.
Number Ownership
Because we’re a licensed carrier, Telnyx has its our own database of global numbers. Twilio relies on middlemen to supply numbers, resulting in higher markups and less flexibility.
Better Support
Telnyx offers 24/7 in-house engineering support via phone and email at no extra cost whereas Twilio charges $1,500 per month for this.
Customer Ratings
Based on G2 crowd reviews, Telnyx is consistently ranked higher than Twilio in Every. Single. Category. From ease of use and set up, to the quality of support and even product direction. The results are clear.

The voice API that puts developers in control

Get started in minutes with comprehensive documentation and support.

  • Quickstart guide
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials
  • SDK’s in your preferred language
  • API reference

Explore our API Docs

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Choose Telnyx for local, national and toll-free numbers.

  • Call quality guaranteed
    Our unique carrier infrastructure means more reliable voice quality and lower latency
  • Massive number inventory
    Complete flexibility when choosing area codes and numbers.
  • Granular control in real time
    Simultaneous bidirectional data transmission for interactive command and control
  • Media streaming
    Duplicate and deliver the media stream to multiple recipients in real-time
  • Unparalleled 24/7 support
    Our team of in-house engineers are available around the clock

Our dedicated account team is ready to answer any questions.

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