Communications API

Integrate Your VoIP with Telnyx Communications API


Communications APIs designed for seamless integration across multiple platforms

  • Be Your Own Carrier®

    Our self-service portal is built upon our own public communications API. All of the functionality available within Mission Control can be accomplished via the Telnyx API and easily integrated into your application via our interactive documentation.

  • A Platform for Real-Time Communications

    The Telnyx platform as a hosted telco switch that enables inbound and outbound calling. Using telephony API, you can search Telnyx’s extensive number inventory, provision local and toll-free numbers, configure SIP trunks, pull reports and much more.

  • Development at Telnyx

    Communications are always evolving which is why the Mission Control platform is designed for continuous development. This provides Telnyx with the flexibility and agility to pursue a large roadmap of new features and adapt to customers’ unique requirements. In addition to the RESTful voice API, SDKs are currently being developed for iOS, Android and Javascript (WebRTC).

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