COVID-19: Our Response

COVID-19 Response

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Calling from overseas?

Worldwide Telephony Updates

Telephony carriers worldwide are limiting some services and experiencing some network capacity issues due to the increased demand associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. This may have some knock-on effects on Telnyx services. Telnyx continues to actively monitor the outbreak as it evolves, and our team has taken every precaution to continue operations of our world-class platform and global service provider network.

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Our Latest Updates

Building SIP Trunks on a Private IP Network for Capacity and Scalability
Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the public internet is being placed under unprecedented strain as working from home is becoming the new normal. In uncertain times, you shouldn’t need to worry about your essential business communications, or those of your customers. That’s why it’s important to build your communications on reliable, private infrastructure which does not rely on the public internet.
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Expanding Your Video Conferencing to Meet COVID-19 Demand Using SIP Trunking
If you’re a video conferencing provider, you’re undoubtedly aware of the importance of having a reliable SIP trunking provider to enhance your conferences with VoIP dial-in and dial-out. In this rapidly-changing world, reliable global telephony isn’t just important to your customers – it’s critical to their business continuity.
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How to Fortify Your Voice Communications in a Remote-Working World
The spread of the novel coronavirus in late 2019 and early 2020 has created an unprecedented need for employees to work from home, as social distancing measures are implemented to limit the spread of the pandemic. As the world adjusts to this new normal, voice communications should be an essential part of your business’ remote work strategy.
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Our Network is Built To Last
  • Diversity

    Our network was purpose-built with multiple fail-safes in mind. Our 10 network points of presence deployed around the world were designed to navigate multiple site failures and recover active calls from other sites in the event of a datacenter failure. Similarly, we’ve distributed our team across four offices (Chicago, Dublin, São Paulo, and Warsaw) together with a large remote team. Even as our entire team works remotely, the tooling we have put in place means it’s business as usual at Telnyx.
  • Redundancy

    Infrastructure at Telnyx is designed to be fully 2N redundant. Each of our network points of presence can accommodate equipment failures, network service provider downtime, and a myriad of other circumstances that may arise. Our global support team is standing by and equipped to handle any disaster scenario. While some may call us extreme in how we stress test our industry partners, we are looking to be your carrier when it counts -- even where major carriers may fail, we are still prepared to provide reliable services in every major geography we serve.
  • Resiliency

    The Telnyx platform is software-defined. Our microservices architecture has been designed with failure in mind – allowing us to achieve graceful, and therefore addressable, service degradation. We engage in chaos engineering experiments regularly, actively “injecting failure” into our systems to test their resilience. Our team has hypothesized and planned for multiple business continuity scenarios, including involving the inability to access our key offices and datacenter facilities. This discipline uniquely prepares us to withstand novel challenges.