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Leading companies trust Telnyx to deliver better customer communications.

  • Voice

    Build voice capabilities for your VoIP infrastructure over our private, global network.

  • SMS

    Programmatically send and receive SMS to inform and engage your customers.

  • Call Control

    Build sophisticated and responsive calling experiences into your own applications.

  • Global Numbers

    Instantly search for and provision local and toll-free numbers from around the world.

  • Networking

    Reach the cloud wherever you are, easily transport data between global locations.

  • Wireless

    Connect globally on a private LTE network with automatic carrier switching.

Customer Story

Lightspeed Builds Global Unified Communications with Telnyx

Use Cases

Discover what you can build with Telnyx

  • Managed Services

    Save time and money with instant phone number provisioning and automated porting.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Use programmable SMS to verify customer credentials and keep your data safe.

  • Contact Center

    Automate and optimize your call flows to better manage customer conversations.

  • Call Tracking

    Attribute phone calls to marketing channels to manage campaign ROI.

The API that puts developers in control

Everything you need to build connected applications with Telnyx is right at your fingertips. Get started in minutes with our comprehensive documentation and support.

The Telnyx difference

Telnyx is an enterprise-grade platform that offers unrivaled reliability with 99.999% uptime, guaranteed. Our private, secure network delivers more reliable voice quality, tighter security and cost savings with unparalleled 24/7 support.

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