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IoT | Complete Guide to the Internet of Things

IoT is revolutionizing the world right before our eyes. While the term itself may be new to you, it’s hard to envision a day without the use of IoT technology or devices.

Think about the computer you're using to browse the internet, or the thermostat in your home that you can adjust through tapping an app on your smartphone. The devices around you that are all interconnected over the internet are part of reshaping global infrastructure. Which is why we put together a comprehensive guide on all things IoT.

What is IoT?

IoT (internet of things) is an umbrella term that refers to the vast collection of devices capable of collecting and transmitting data over the internet. Within IoT, the technology at play typically requires a data collection device, a central processing computer, and a central computing software that uses the data to perform a desired action.

While the internet of things is complex, you’re probably already familiar with some of the most popular types of IoT in use today. For example, wifi, bluetooth, and 5G are all types of IoT that help make up the projected $1.6 trillion global connectivity market by 2025.

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IoT Connectivity Guide

For those looking to leverage IoT technology to take their business to new heights, it’s best to understand some of the best practices when it comes to IoT connectivity. For example, it’s important to first thoroughly plan for your wireless implementation.

One of the most expensive costs associated with IoT is the power consumption that you’ll inevitably experience. To optimize your expenses while growing or automating your business, it’s best to start with the lowest power network that will get the job done.

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IoT Security

There are some unique challenges that face the internet of things when it comes to security. Mainly due to the vast and complex networks that accompany IoT technologies. That being said, there are tons of security solutions and precautions you can take to ensure your data and business don’t fall victim to cyber attacks.

To get a better understanding of IoT security solutions, let’s first break down some of the main security threats facing IoT:

  • Weak organic device security
  • Failing to apply security updates
  • Potential for coordinated attacks

The above lists is just a sample of some of the risks facing IoT networks. However, there are plenty of security solutions that will ensure your business, and your customers are safe.

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IoT Devices

While the term internet of things covers a wide range of wireless technologies, IoT devices refer to the hardware that is capable of collecting and transmitting data over the internet. The term IoT device is somewhat broad in itself, as there are actually different types of devices. Examples include:

  • Sensors
  • Security devices
  • Smart wearable devices
  • Intelligent appliances
  • Actuators

Within the IoT system, each IoT device is typically used to perform different tasks and functions. With that in mind, the one thing in common is each device requires IoT connectivity capabilities.

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IoT Solutions

IoT technology and devices are incredibly powerful, and are helping reshape the world around us. That being said, IoT is not a one size fits all for every problem we face. That’s where IoT solutions come into play.

IoT solutions are the different technologies that help solve real world problems through data collection and analysis. For example, the IoT solutions being used to create smart homes are different than the solutions being used in public utility management systems.

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Popular Trends in IoT

The internet of things is a growing industry that is showing now signs of slowing down. In fact, studies show that over one-third of companies use IoT to improve their systems and processes. That number is only expected to trend upwards.

For those monitoring the internet of things, here are some of the incredible trends you should be watching out for:

  • Industrial automation and monitoring
  • Transportation and civil infrastructure
  • Cellular failovers

The list goes on, so make sure to stay up to date by checking out our guide to IoT trends.

Getting Started with IoT

If you or your company are looking to get started with IoT, we have everything you need at Telnyx. With our global SIM, cellular IoT technology is just a click away. Learn how you can easily build and scale with Telnyx’s award winning self-service platform and API.

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