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The only fully automated, programmable 2-way SMS & MMS API

Top-rated 2-way SMS API for Software Companies

Are your developers wasting unnecessary time on manual, unwieldy setup for 2-way SMS? Only Telnyx lets you automate all things SMS-related from setup to transmission. Buy and register compliant numbers, manage campaigns, troubleshoot delivery issues - its all programmable with Telnyx.
Top-rated 2-way SMS API for Software Companies
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Building Conversational SMS into your SaaS products has never been easier

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    Maximum deliverability through automation and free expertise

    To ensure maximum deliverability and regulatory compliance, traffic passing through the Telnyx Messaging API is optimised by automated rules. It's also reviewed by our expert team, renowned for their customer support.

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    Award-winning, billion-scale Messaging API

    Work with a 2-way SMS API that delivers results at scale. Our messaging platform has processed billions of messages, and regularly wins category leader awards for its performance and ease of use.

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    Complete Messaging Number Setup in seconds programatically

    Empower your SaaS users to enable conversational SMS instantly. Through our API, your application can provision and submit registration requests for multiple numbers - including 10DLC and Toll-Free - in real time.

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    Customers typically save 30% by switching to Telnyx, with lower list pricing and automatic volume discounts.

    Starting at $0.004 to send or receive SMS.

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2 Way SMS in 2 Minutes

In this video, we show you how to set up 2 way SMS via API and webhooks in just a couple of minutes.
Ready to build it yourself? Check out our API documentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Two-way SMS opens up conversations with customers by sending messages and letting recipients respond to those messages, allowing for real-time dialogue. Two-way SMS can be automated using keywords that prompt responses when customers text those keywords to your two-way SMS number.

To get started, sign up for a Portal account, then follow the steps in our quickstart guide to buy a Messaging-capable number, create a messaging profile, complete appropriate registrations and start sending or receiving text messages.

An SMS API works by allowing developers to simply connect our external SMS interface into your existing infrastructure, to enable a smooth passing of commands and responses from your application to the interface and back for sending and receiving of SMS anywhere in the world.

The typical open rate for SMS is over 90%, with most of that being in the first 3 minutes. For email marketing, its typically around 4-5x lower. This is why the most successful companies are integrating conversational SMS into their marketing strategies.

Yes, we provide SDKs in Python, Java, Node, Ruby, .NET and PHP, with more coming soon. These API wrappers help make cut down integration, so you can get to market faster.

Yes! In fact this "hybrid" use case is one of our most popular with SaaS companies. You can run a marketing campaign to customers, respond to their replies in real time via the customer support team, and really take the customer experience to a new level.

Yes, and in fact we offer our own SIM cards. You can learn more about these here.