Caller ID and CNAM

Real-time, programmatic caller identification from a low-latency API endpoint.

Incoming Call ContextBuild trust between callers and recipients by communicating caller ID details with each call.
Higher Answer RatesRecipients are more likely to pick up calls with accompanying caller ID information.
Faster Change PropagationChanges to a Telnyx number’s caller ID is automatically uploaded to the two most authoritative CNAM databases.

Caller ID On Any Telnyx Number

Whether adding names to your own numbers or accessing Caller ID Names for other numbers, Telnyx offers full-service CNAM functionality.

Outgoing calls

In order for recipients to view caller ID name on calls placed from your numbers, you must register a 15-character name to each number. With Telnyx, this is as simple as filling out a field in our Mission Control portal or submitting the change via API endpoint.Telnyx registers caller ID name changes with our authoritative databases. This ensures quick propagation of CNAM changes to the entire telecom ecosystem.
Starting at $0.40/number/month.

Incoming calls

Accessing caller ID names for incoming calls requires a CNAM dip. That is, you must query a CNAM database with the phone number to retrieve the name.
Starting at $0.003/query.

Redundant, Resilient Service

Telnyx maintains direct, low latency, redundant connections with multiple CNAM databases. The AT&T and Neustar databases are considered highly authoritative, with accurate data and frequent updates.Telnyx brings you the most reliable CNAM data from a highly resilient CNAM service.


A developer-friendly and telephony-interoperable CNAM endpoint. Send us the phone number, and we’ll return the caller ID name string. Leverage CNAM data to:
  • Provide context for all recipients.
  • Authenticate callers for better security.
  • Populate contact lists with additional information.
  • Validate leads. Initiate CNAM dips via HTTP or DNS ENUM request.
curl -X GET \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Token API_TOKEN" \

// Example response

  "callerInformation":"TELNYX LLC"

CNAM Features

Authoritative Data

There is no central CNAM database, but Telnyx leverages the two most widely used sources.

Change Auto-Propagation

By automatically uploading to two databases, CNAM changes made with Telnyx propagate faster than other services.

Programmatic API

Data for developers. All our data is delivered via low latency, programmatic API.

Real-Time Data

Details are updated in as close to real time as possible, as underlying databases are known for authority and frequent updates.

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