Media Forking and Control

Real-time media duplication delivered anywhere in the world.

Simultaneous DeliveryCall media is forked instantly at the moment the call is established, so all recipients receive the call simultaneously.
Media FeedbackThe Telnyx network ensures that call media can be duplicated, delivered, analyzed and returned in real time.
Call IntegrityThe secondary delivery recipient never occupies the call stream, avoiding the risk of degraded quality or dropped connections.

Communications Forking

Design your own connection. Build custom routing that delivers calls to businesses and call centers while simultaneously duplicating call media to your application’s cloud servers. Our global, private MPLS backbone and direct interconnects with major cloud providers ensure mission critical connections are fast and secure.

Media Control

Finally give your users a true SaaS experience. Record, manipulate, analyze and stream call media to anywhere in the world—in real time and without costly on-premise installations. Decouple your application from your customers’ call systems. It’s only possible with the Telnyx network.

Better Conversations

Improve your customers’ interactions in real time.
Call Recording and Monitoring

Monitor and record calls as they happen, wherever the call may be coming from.

Speech Analysis

Finally deliver real-time speech insights from the cloud.

Call Center Improvement

Capture every conversation to help improve overall call center quality scores.

Fraud Detection

Companies can save thousands in lost efficiency by halting fraudulent calls.

Sales Coaching

Sales conversation feedback and analysis makes a bigger impact in real time.

Real-Time Duplication and Delivery

No more delays. No more on-premise installations. No more obstacles.

Media Forking Features

Bespoke Architecture

We built our state-of-the-art telephony engine from the ground up, which gives us unprecedented control over call connections and media.

Flexible Deployment

Route call media to your cloud servers on a private line, or peer directly with our network at one of our global points of presence.

Global Scalability

Leverage the Telnyx points of presence located around the world to deploy media forking to whichever destinations you require.

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