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Mission Control Portal and API

Take control of your communications


We mean it when we say that we want you to Be Your Own Carrier®.
A sophisticated VoIP platform, the Mission Control Portal gives you the power to
customize and simplify the way you communicate.



Provision DIDs

Our user-friendly search functionality gives you the power to select or choose the numbers that best fit your business needs. Activation is simple and instant, whether you’re looking for local or international or searching for the right combination of digits.

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In case of emergency situations, know that Telnyx has your back when it comes to activating your E911. You can easily attach your business address to any number, so you will be sure that responders know where to go whenever an emergency call comes in.

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Caller ID & CNAM

We all know that higher answer rates occur with calls that display a name and a phone number. This is why you should activate the Caller ID and CNAM features, and make them crucial elements when it comes to your everyday telecom needs.

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Real-time Reporting

Data makes our world go round. In your case, having access to your telephone data is necessary to make the right business decisions. This is why Telnyx makes reporting as intuitive and transparent as possible, making your data available anywhere, anytime.

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Is there an ISP bottleneck causing call quality issues for your users? You now have the power to take a different Internet path. Our new AnchorSite™ feature gives you the ability to decide at which PoP you want us to anchor your call media.

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Network Security

Beyond quality and ease of use, we know that network security is a priority for you when looking for the right provider. This is why we pride ourselves in protecting our clients’ communications with TLS and SRTP/ZRTP for encryption and data integrity.

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  • “It is almost like none of those guys sleep. You always get a response from someone either by chat, email, or phone. It’s Fantastic.”

    Joel_B  Joel B.

  • “Moved 100% of our Domestic and Canadian origination traffic to Telnyx, and there is a noticeable improvement in call quality and completion rates.”

    Kevin M. Kevin M.

  • “I have been using Telnyx now for about a year, and I can say the call quality and usability of their portal has been excellent.”

    John T John T

  • “Phenomenal company. Willing to work with clients, partners and developers to achieve just about anything… the full access API has many features with more constantly being developed.”

    Rob Scholl Christopher M.

  • “In the beginning I needed some hand holding and support is always right there in the interface. My old provider had virtually non-existent support, so this was a breath of fresh air.”

    Rob Scholl Clay R.