Build API-powered voice calls into your mobile app.

Our WebRTC SDKs for iOS and Android put the full power of the Telnyx network in your application.
__Build *API-powered voice calls* into your mobile app.__


Integrate API-powered voice calling into your iPhone applications with our SDK in Swift.

Download the iOS SDK from GitHub

Android SDK

Build voice calls into your Android applications with our SDK in Kotlin.

Download the Android SDK from GitHub

"I wanted a partner that was API-first, and that's what we have in Telnyx… Telnyx is forward-thinking in everything they do — not complacent or just satisfied with where they are."
CEO, Documo
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Call anything, anywhere.

Desk phones. Softphones. Web browsers. Applications.

The Telnyx network links the PSTN, complex SIP infrastructure, and WebRTC clients together over a seamless global backbone.

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Control calls with code.

Play custom audio or TTS, collect keypad button presses, transcribe speech-to-text in real-time, and record calls on demand- all via API.

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Debug with confidence.

Our intuitive debugging tools let you see, inspect and debug all of your communications webhooks, via our portal or APIs.

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Connect to a global communications fabric from your app

  • Super Low Latency

    Communicate naturally on our purpose-built network, without delay, jitter, or packet loss.

  • Cross-Platform Conferencing

    Bring apps, browsers, SIP clients, and PSTN phone numbers together in one seamless conference.

  • Hardware Abstraction

    Build a consistent experience with support across mobile operating systems, device sizes, and browsers.

  • Programmable Recording

    Start, stop, pause and resume multi-channel recordings per participant, all via API.

  • Enterprise-Grade Quality

    Eliminate lag and jitter for crystal clear calls across the globe, on our private purpose-built network.

  • Simultaneous Dialing

    Ensure your calls get answered. Multiple clients ring at once - when one picks up, the rest stop ringing.

Use Cases

What will you build with in-app calling?

App-to-App Calling

  • Sharing Economy
    Rideshare, delivery, coworking- whatever resources your app shares, allow users to contact each other securely within your ecosystem without compromising their numebr or identity.
  • Customer Care
    Integrate support chats and calls directly into your app to give your support agents unmatched context and control, and get to faster resolutions.
  • Digital Marketplaces
    Fashion, homes, automobiles - no matter what your market is, keep your users' communications securely in your ecosystem and protect their personal privacy.

App-to-Phone Calling

  • Customer Relationship Management
    Empower your sales team to get leads while they're hot. Make or receive a call with full lead context, from any device, at any time.
  • Flexible Conference Calling
    Let your team join securely from any device, anywhere, assured that your comms are staying entirely within your conferencing ecosystem.

Join the best dev teams in the world building better communications.

"Great experience … Simple API integration and good documentation."
- Vladimir S., small business co-founder.

Mobile SDKs Frequently Asked Questions

Prices start from ust $0.002 / minute - that's half of what Twilio charges! Check out our in-depth Voice API pricing.

Check them out for yourself! We've got an in-depth API Reference for both iOS and Android.

Yes! Our sample apps for iOS and Android contain everything you need to start making and receiving voice calls.

We have a community of passionate Telnyx developers who are building the future of integrated omnichannel communications with our APIs. Join the community on Slack - our own engineers and CEO even hang out from time to time!

We offer 24/7 phone and chat support as standard to all of our customers. Just head to for an in-depth knowledge base and contact information.

We're smaller, grittier, and way more nimble than big CPaaS orgs like Twilio. That lets us build sensible products and APIs with developers in mind, not corporate interests. What's more, we own our network unlike Twilio - that means fewer middlemen for faster troubleshooting and lower costs.

When it comes to real-time comms, the network is the real game-changer. However good or bad your API is, if your "super network" is just a list of old-school vendors, your customers are going to experience lag, dropped calls and texts, and big outages. With our network, you're guaranteed super-low latency and high-quality calling.