Intelligent SMS features.

For better deliverability, global compliance and easy implementation.

The essentials.

Numbers on demand

Choose from local or toll-free numbers, short codes, alphanumeric sender IDs. Or, leverage hosted SMS to SMS-enable your existing voice numbers with no change to your existing provider.
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Global reach

Send and receive texts globally using local numbers available in multiple countries. Or, send outbound SMS anywhere in the world with an alphanumeric sender ID.
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Toll-free SMS

Send SMS updates from branded, customer-friendly numbers.
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Short code SMS

Reach more users faster with high-volume, high throughput texting.
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MMS rich-media support

Send and receive images, gifs or videos to create impactful experiences.
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Alphanumeric Sender ID

Increase deliverability and open rates with a custom sender ID.
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Long message concatenation

Exchanging long messages? Telnyx will automatically concatenate them for you.
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Support for any character set

Telnyx supports every language and emoji, with built-in GSM and Unicode character support.
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Hosted SMS

SMS-enable your existing phone numbers without having to make any changes to your existing voice setup or carrier.
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Message queuing

Send texts as fast as you like, in a single API request. We’ll automatically queue and send your messages at a compliant rate.
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Enhanced deliverability.

Number pool

Spread message delivery across a group of phone numbers to reach your audience faster.
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Area-code Geomatch

Send messages from the same local area code as the recipient for a more authentic experience.
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Sticky Sender

Send every message to a customer from the same number for greater familiarity and trust.
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Real-time delivery reports

Receive real-time delivery notification of messages sent globally, with granular level detail.
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Number health metrics

Track the health of your numbers with real-time metrics available on demand via our easy-to-use portal or API.
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Number Lookup API

Split landline and mobile numbers programmatically, and check carrier information to guarantee your texts will be delivered.
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Global compliance, guaranteed.

Smart rate limiting

We’ll automatically keep you compliant with messaging frequency and throughput regulations in each country.
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Message encoding

Telnyx replaces accidental unicode characters with ascii equivalents to ensure message delivery to networks that don’t support unicode.
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Opt-out management

Telnyx will automatically handle standard replies such as STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL for messaging on long codes.
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Message body purging

SMS message content is never stored within any message detail record and all debug logs are purged after 10 days by default.
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