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"Once we saw what Telnyx can do, we switched with no hesitation. It was the smoothest transition - the move was completely uneventful."

David Littrell - Vice President
Charts for "Meets Requirements" and "Easy of Admin" with Telnyx on top of both with 96%Charts for "Easy of Setup" and "Easy of Use" with Telnyx on top of both with 94% and 96% respectivelylegend for the colors of the charts

Quality of Support

“Customer support is where Telnyx shines the brightest. Telnyx is our strongest partner in terms of how they deliver support, response times and giving access to the right people”

Matt Herrera - Founder and CEO

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Ease of Doing Business With

“When we need something, Telnyx figures it out. That’s a nice peace of mind to have.”

Dayton Turner - VP of Enterprise Product

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Likely to Recommend

"The general experience with Telnyx has been outstanding. Agents are happier now that most calls are completed without issue."

Anthony Totarella, Systems Administrator

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Implementation and Return on Investment (ROI)

"“By switching to Telnyx, Replicant reduced voice costs from 7 cents to 1 cent per minute — that’s an 86% reduction.”"

Benjamin Gleiztman, CTO and Co-Founder

""We were able to realize savings of as much as 50%, with no impact to call quality.""

Elliot Wood, CTO

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