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The Voice API trusted by developers in the UK.

Control phone calls with code, across the globe, via API. Build call tracking, contact centres, IVRs, and more.
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Build the next generation of applications on the next-gen cloud platform

  • Crystal clear calls

    With Tier-1 interconnects at major global internet hubs, including in London, your calls get through the first time, every time. High-speed connections mean reduced latency and jitter as calls avoid the public internet.

  • Goodbye long awkward pauses

    Using an edge-stack approach, we leverage multiple global points of presence to process data in the location nearest your application—for consistently low latency levels.

  • Calling without limits

    Embed PSTN, SIP, or VoIP calling into any phone, browser, SIP domain or mobile application. Get instant local, national and toll-free numbers, and scale on demand with unlimited capacity.

Increase operational efficiency
Augment communications with conversational AI and transcription, automating the most repetitive tasks to drive efficiency.
Facilitate global work from home
Add feature-rich audio conferencing to your existing voice infrastructure to seamlessly enable work from home.
Manage unexpected demand
Meet fast-growing call volumes with ease. Scale contact centres worldwide with virtually limitless capacity.

Powerful features out of the box.

Conference Calls

Connect people and teams across the globe with feature-rich audio conferencing.

Media Streaming

Access the raw audio stream of calls to integrate advanced AI/ML capabilities.


Speak dynamic text in 29 languages and accents, powered by Amazon Polly.

Answering Machine Detection

Premium AMD uses advanced speech recognition technology for exceptional accuracy.

Agent Coaching

Speak privately on a call to provide feedback and guidance to an agent.

Speech to Text

Real-time transcription on a live call, activated via one API command.

Call Recording

Integrate dual-channel recordings to capture all or part of calls.

Smart IVR

Build a multi-level IVR to intelligently route your call flows.

Build exactly what you need for your use-case.

Choose a use case:
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Tracking
  • Cloud IVR
  • Contact Centre
  • Sales Acceleration
  • AI & Voice Analytics

Conference Calls

Embed feature-rich call conferencing into your application to connect global teams and enable work from home at scale.

Integrate voice into your application, fast.


We’ll show you how to build a range of applications for different use-cases.


We speak your language with SDKs in Python, Ruby, PHP, Node, Java and .NET.

API Docs

Access our extensive API reference docs to build the exact experience you want.

TeXML Translator

Switch from your XML-based solution in minutes or easily build new apps with XML.
Compare Telnyx with the Competition



Licensed Carrier in the UK

We're a fully licensed carrier in the UK, with our own number ranges and full compliance with British telecoms regulations.

Rely on Aggregators and Middlemen

Competitors rely on aggregators for their phone numbers, so they can't troubleshoot issues efficiently when they inevitably arise.

Private network

Our private global IP network was purpose-built for real-time communications, so your calls are crystal clear and secure, with low latency.

Public internet

The internet wasn’t built for real-time communications, and it shows—with high latency, packet loss, and poor security.

Sub-second response time

We use an edge-stack approach to route your data via the closest server to your application to deliver market-leading latency.

3+ second response times

Greater reliance on the public internet and less control over core communications functionality significantly increases latency.

A better voice experience is calling.

  • Deep number coverage

    We're a fully licensed carrier in the UK with our own +44 number ranges, and we have partnerships in over 140 countries.

  • Global scalability

    Our network connects a point of presence in London with nine more across the globe, for worry-free compliant global communications.

  • Real time control

    The Telnyx API allows users to receive commands dynamically throughout the call for granular-level, interactive command and control.

  • Direct pricing

    We cut out the middlemen and pass the cost savings on to you. Save an average of 30% when you switch from Twilio.

  • Support you can count on

    Our world-leading 24/7 NOC support is free for every customer. Engineers in the UK & Ireland are available by phone, chat, and email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our voice API works the same across the globe, so you can control calls to and from +44 numbers just the same as you would anywhere else.

A voice API is a tool that software developers use to make and receive phone calls using an Application Programming Interface (API). A voice API connects internet-based applications to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

To get started, sign up for a Portal account, then follow the 4 remaining steps in our quickstart guide to create an application, buy a number, assign it to your app and create an outbound voice profile. Then, use our SDKs to start building.

Yes, you can use the Telnyx voice API to record calls using the record_start command. You’ll find code snippets to help you do this quickly and easily in our developer center.

Absolutely. Text-to-speech allows you to convert text to speech and play it back on the call. We leverage Amazon Polly to provide a conversational experience, available across 29 languages and accents. You can find out how to use the speak_text command in our developer center.

You can find pricing for Call Control on our pricing page. Telnyx offers even greater discounts as you scale, or when you’re ready to commit to monthly usage—talk to our sales team about custom pricing.

You can! We’ve developed a tool called TeXML Translator to make it easy for you to use your XML based applications with the Telnyx voice API. Follow the TeXML setup guide in our developer center to get started.

You can build a range of different applications using the Telnyx voice API—these include call tracking, cloud IVR, contact centres and conference calling, to name a few.

While phone calls made using a voice API can be powered over the internet, they also rely on a VoIP network to be completed. WebRTC calls are solely focused on browser-based communication. Learn more about Telnyx’s WebRTC solution.

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