Build the video experience of your customers' dreams

Telnyx Video is an API platform for creating bespoke, programmable, customizable and scalable video rooms on a global, purpose-built, real-time communications network.
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We put the developer first, so you can put your customer first

  • "The APIs are extremely well documented and the debugging tools are some of the best I've seen"

    Will, CEO, Service Provider

  • "On top of good network quality, Telnyx has the API, portal and documentation. That means we can simply add features when we need to."

    Dayton, VP Product, Ooma

  • "I wanted a partner that was API-first, and that's what we have in Telnyx"

    Ander, CEO, Documo

Take full control of your video look & feel

We deliver the video streams. You control the rest. Create custom layouts, branding and behavior to unify your customer experience, and control every aspect of how your video rooms behave.

Build seamless, open video experiences

Your customers are tired of downloading new tools. Let them join WebRTC-based video rooms from their browser with one click.

Scale from indie to enterprise and beyond

Our APIs are developer-friendly, and our private multi-cloud network was purpose-built to scale real-time comms across the globe.


Control everything about your video experiences

  • Screen Sharing

    Share screens and content between participants.

  • Multi Track

    Send and receive audio, video & data tracks from your local client.

  • Rooms API

    Create, retrieve and manage video rooms with simple HTTP commands.

  • Participants API

    Add, remove, mute and manage participants via API.

  • Dominant Speaker Detection

    Programmatically detect the dominant speaker for spotlighting and layout control.

  • JavaScript SDK

    Set up everything you need to connect to a video room with simple includes and imports.

Use Cases

Build a video experience centered around your needs

  • Telehealth

    Build tools for virtual patient interaction on a secure private network.

  • Remote Learning

    Create virtual classroom experiences centered around learning tools.

  • Social Apps

    Embed bespoke, controlled video experiences into your dating, gaming, or party app.

  • Expert Services

    Connect experts and clients on secure, configurable, customizable video consultations.

  • Workplace

    Foster serendipity through natural video experiences across geographies.

  • Remote Hiring

    Control the candidate journey end-to-end with custom behavior, look & feel.

  • Remote Sales

    Impress prospects with seamless face-to-face virtual experiences.

  • Customer Service

    Add live "see-what-I-see" video to support cases for quicker resolutions.

  • Online Events

    Create a memorable experience for organizers, attendees and panelists.

Join the best dev teams in the world building better communications

"Great experience … Simple API integration and good documentation."
- Vladimir S., small business co-founder.

Frequently Asked Questions on Video APIs

Telnyx Video is a platform on which you can build your own customized, bespoke video experiences. Unlike off-the-shelf video chat apps, we offer in-depth API-level control over every part of your video experience, including custom layouts, chat functions, participant management and more.

Check them out for yourself! When you sign up to become a beta tester, you'll get access to our in-depth API reference documentation for Video. To get a taste of how our docs are structured, check out the API reference for our WebRTC SDK.

We have a community of passionate Telnyx developers who are building the future of integrated omnichannel communications with Telnyx Video and our APIs. Join the community on Slack - our own engineers and CEO even hang out from time to time!

We offer 24/7 phone and chat support as standard to all of our customers. Just head to for an in-depth knowledge base and contact information.

We're smaller, grittier, and way more nimble than big CPaaS orgs like Twilio. That lets us build sensible products and APIs with developers in mind, not corporate interests. What's more, we own our network unlike Twilio - that means fewer middlemen for faster troubleshooting and lower costs.

When it comes to real-time comms, the network is the real game-changer. However good or bad your API is, if your "super network" is just a list of old-school vendors, your customers are going to experience lag, dropped calls and texts, and big outages. With our network, you're guaranteed super-low latency and 99.999% uptime.

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