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Omnichannel Messaging: Introducing Google Verified SMS.

Send messages through branded, verified business profiles.
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What is Google V-SMS?

Google Verified SMS allows businesses to communicate with their customers through branded, verified profiles. Sender verification not only boosts brand awareness for businesses, but ensures that messages are clearly differentiated from unwanted spam.

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What can I build with Telnyx Omnichannel API?

With Telnyx, you can reach your customers on a variety of channels including V-SMS, WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, iOS Business chat, and more through our API.

We offer the building blocks to create an omnichannel inbox where you can manage your communications in one place.


V-SMS Features for Trusted Communications


How Will You Leverage Google V-SMS?

Choose Telnyx to Power Your V-SMS Applications.

Our robust multichannel API has built in features to ensure the highest message deliverability. Plus, the traffic sent over our private, multi-cloud and multi-site network minimizes hops on the public internet.

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VSMS Frequently Asked Questions

Google Verified SMS (V-SMS) offers businesses the ability to send branded messages from verified business profiles to end users on Android devices. There is no additional download required for end users, and they simply benefit from receiving messages from a trustworthy and verified source.

Verified SMS creates a secure SMS platform through verified business senders. To achieve this, Telnyx registers businesses and implements endpoints to support Google V-SMS through our Omnichannel Messaging API. Once a business is registered via the Telnyx Trust Hub where they submit basic information about their business, they can start sending V-SMS to all of their Android user base.

Branded SMS are sent from a rich profile including the business name, description, and logo. The logo also appears with a blue shield and a checkmark to indicate that it has been verified.

The verified badge text provides many benefits to the end users. First, it helps them differentiate between spam and legitimate messages. Second, it is the only way that a recipient can ensure that their message is coming from a verified source. Third, it comes with rich features like link previews that offer more engagement and an intuitive messaging experience.

Verified SMS is more limited than RCS Business Messaging, which comes with additional features like rich carousels, suggested replies, the ability to send location, and more. We offer RCS through our Omnichannel API as well!

Telnyx offers V-SMS with a charge of $0.004 / API call on top of standard SMS rates. Check out our pricing page for more details.

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