Seamlessly connect patients with providers.

Secure, reliable connectivity for mission-critical healthcare IoT applications.
__*Seamlessly connect* patients with providers.__ image

Meet unprecedented demand for telehealth with the IoMT.

Meet the overwhelming surge in demand for remote treatment. Securely connect IoT devices for remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and more. Enhance patient experiences and improve provider efficiency with granular-level insights into device activity.

Keep patient data safe with private LTE networks.

When you’re dealing with sensitive patient data, security is paramount—private LTE networks are an ideal solution. Connect your critical healthcare IoT devices to your own corporate network via Telnyx for end-to-end private connectivity. That means more control, direct access, and enterprise-level security.

Stay connected no matter what—with carrier redundancy.

Whether you’re monitoring patients remotely or sharing data between medical machines — reliable connectivity is essential. Telnyx SIMs connect to the best available network using 2G/3G/LTE/CatM1on 200+ carriers, for global connectivity you can count on.


How IoT is transforming the healthcare industry.

Secure connectivity for critical healthcare IoT applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IoMT or Internet of Medical Things is a collection of medical devices and applications that can connect to healthcare information technology systems using network technologies. According to a recent Frost & Sullivan analysis, the global IoMT market was worth $22.5 billion in 2016; it is expected to reach $72.02 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 26.2%.

Private LTE networks have a number of benefits for healthcare IoT applications. First, they are inherently more secure, this is because they enable the avoidance of the public internet, where data is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They also offer users more control, for example, the ability to set rules for the type of traffic that’s allowed to originate from your SIM cards and traverse your LTE network. Finally, they enable greater access to and visibility of your connections, which makes troubleshooting faster and easier.

Yes, you can create a private LTE network on Telnyx using our Wireless and Virtual Cross Connect products. Get in touch with a Telnyx expert to learn more.

As the demand for telehealth and telemedicine continues to surge, an increasing number of healthcare IoT devices and applications enable more effective remote patient monitoring. For example:

  • Smart wearables, for example, fitness trackers or heartrate monitors.
  • Smart devices, like blood pressure monitors or automatic medicine dispensers.

Many healthcare IoT applications aim to drive greater operational efficiencies for healthcare providers, for example:

  • Hospital asset tracking to facilitate real-time tracking of medical equipment.
  • Medical equipment monitoring to alert on any unexpected behavior.

To get started using Telnyx Wireless for your healthcare IoT device, order a Telnyx IoT SIM card from the Telnyx portal. Once you’ve received your SIM, follow the steps in this quickstart guide to start using your data.

Yes, we do! With Telnyx, you can group SIM cards by healthcare provider, location, or as needed and manage them in bulk. You can find more info on this in our Developer Center.

API reference documentation can be found in the Telnyx Developer Center.

Telnyx charges $1 per SIM card (plus shipping) and then $2 per active SIM per month. You can find more detailed information about Wireless pricing, including data charges here, or to find out more about discounts for bulk orders, please get in touch.

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