8 First Date Questions to Ask a New SMS Provider
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8 First Date Questions to Ask a New SMS Provider

You’ve taken the standard amount of “me” time, you went back to the gym, and now you’re ready for your next relationship… with a messaging provider. We all know the old saying, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea”. However, when you’re looking for that perfect fit, you have some standards. Make sure to ask these 8 essential questions before committing to your next messaging provider.

Do you own your own network?

Or do you rely on third parties to deliver carrier services?
This speaks to their deliverability and reliability. The latter not only adds costs, it also introduces latency and potential points of failure into the process. Find a provider that operates their own private network for the highest level of deliverability and reliability.

Network Reseller Or Owner?

Skip the middleman, you deserve better. Find a carrier to work with directly. Do this and you could save up to 70% on your messaging bill.

Can you provide global coverage?

You’re looking for a provider with points of presence in major hubs all over the world. You may not need it now, but you want a carrier that can help you scale to sending hundreds of thousands of messages simultaneously.

How easy is your implementation process?

You need a provider that’s easy to work with. You’ll want to make sure their APIs are developer-friendly. We all speak different programming languages, do they support the language that you prefer? And when things go wrong, you’ll want 24/7 support at no additional cost.

What does your number availability look like?

You have customers in different area codes, and you’ll need a large inventory of numbers to support that. Make sure to find out what inventory limitations your new carrier may have so you can ensure deliverability to a wide area of customers.

Is there robust reporting and analytics?

When it comes time to check in on the deliverability of your messages, can the provider provide reports with transparency on whether your messages haven’t gone through and why? You’ll be investing time and resources with your new provider, so making sure that they can supply the data you need to alter your messaging campaigns and prove ROI is essential.

What extra features do you offer?

If you need to send campaigns from local numbers, one consistent number, or send communications from multiple numbers you’ll need to make sure they can support that. Finding a provider that offers a layer of intelligence above and beyond core messaging services will ensure your long term success.

I’m concerned about compliance, how can you help?

GDPR, TCPA and PIPEDA oh my! The last thing you want is a fine for being out of compliance, and the best way to avoid that is working with a provider with the knowledge of these regulations. Asking this upfront will save you from headaches in the end.
Not every messaging provider is perfect. But asking these questions will help you find the closest fit to suit your needs. To learn more about SMS providers, download the Telnyx State of SMS: 2020 eBook today.
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