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9 Reasons to Become a Telnyx Product Support Engineer

NOC engineers enjoy the variety of their work and the opportunity to learn from experts across a number of industries.

Josh Whitaker
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Early career jobs tend to be about performing one function in one industry, like a business development rep for a tech firm or a marketing resource for a retailer.
Jobs like that are 9-5. They're repetitive. They involve a lot of grunt work and drudgery. And then, in a year or two, when you're thinking about your next move, you only have experience with one job and one industry to draw from to inform your next steps.
An ideal early career job exposes you to new skills and new industries, gives you a chance to sample lots of different duties and responsibilities and supports you in learning, growing and specializing.
If you’re looking for exposure to the technology industry and experience with plenty of modern technologies and software companies, Telnyx product support may be the right fit. It’s an active, exciting role that works with internet companies of every shape, size and function. Also known as the Network Operations Center, NOC engineers enjoy the variety of their work and the opportunity to learn from experts across a number of industries.
Most of all, the Telnyx platform spans the technology spectrum, so product support is exposed to everything from core networking infrastructure to frontend development. It’s a chance to see how modern software practices are applied in the real world by a number of companies and industries.
Telnyx is hiring support engineers today!
People join NOC in order to:

1. Become a vital member of a crucial team

Massive, critical systems depend on the Telnyx platform to work correctly for every connection, every day, and support engineers are the first line of defense when issues arise. They must quickly understand the customer’s issue, determine how and why its occuring, assess its priority, triage the request and follow-up as needed.
In this way, the NOC team is very important to daily Telnyx operations. They’re the face of the company for customers, and customer needs, priorities, concerns and feedback come to Telnyx by way of the support team.
Joining Telnyx NOC means the company is relying on your expertise and critical thinking to keep the company headed in the right direction.

2. Never be bored on the job

A lot of entry level positions are predictable, cookie-cutter roles. The chance of running into something unexpected or outside the box are limited at best.
On the other hand, Telnyx product support never has the same day twice. Sure, common issues come up more often than others, and some days and times tend to be busier, but it can be pretty unpredictable otherwise.
Maybe it’s a new customer just trying to figure things out, or a longtime partner who you speak with regularly. Maybe they’ve implemented something incorrectly, or maybe Telnyx is returning an unfamiliar error.
It’s the job of NOC to be on their toes, ready to adapt as circumstances change.

3. Gain technical expertise across disciplines

Telnyx is a complicated machine with a lot of moving parts. Product support engineers work with networking infrastructure, telecom systems and gateways, internet protocols, APIs, build tooling like Docker and Linux operating systems. Just the knowledge of how all those pieces fit together is an asset.
Beyond that, Telnyx product support provide a number of important functions. They’re working face-to-face with customers and completing technical tasks in live environments. They’re creating technical documentation to improve support and self-service. They’re working with software developers and network engineers to refine systems. They’re coordinating with sales account managers, because top-tier support is a key factor in upsells.
Success as Telnyx product support requires a robust understanding of our business, so joining the team will reveal how modern internet companies operate, go to market and chart their course over the longterm.

4. Work with companies across industries

Telnyx is atypical even in the tech space, because we’re a infrastructure startup. That means our customers are other technology firms and applications that need embedded internet communications.
As a product support engineer, you might work with a chat collaboration app that has embedded video calling through our platform. Or maybe, you’ll work with a company like Lyft, that would use our service to connect drivers and passengers through texts and calls.
Telnyx support works with legacy telecom as well as cutting-edge services like voice analytics. It’s an opportunity to peer into the inner workings of a wide swath of technology companies.

5. Specialize in what interests you

]Team members on NOC tend to specialize in the specific areas they find interesting. Some members specialize in specific products, like phone numbers, SMS texting or network automation. Some might specialize in certain aspects of the service, like the networking side, the cloud systems or the components that interoperate with other carriers. Or, some might get familiar with specific technologies, like OpenSwitch, Cassandra, or Docker.

6. Join a small, supportive team

Our support team isn’t a warehouse of anonymous reps with scripts. It’s a tight-knit, collaborative team that learns our product, gets to know our customers and works together to manage incoming queries.
As a team, they work toward improving each engineer’s skills, producing a repository of documented knowledge and resources and improving their ticket response times. During busy hours, they rotate breaks and blow off steam by tossing a nerf flyer around.

7. Work with enterprises around the world

Telnyx offers global coverage and our multi-national customer base reflects that. As a support engineer, you may be troubleshooting with a small business VoIP provider in Canada one day and a Singapore-based marketing application the next.
Working with such various types of businesses in such different markets brings experience and insight into how situation and geography can change technical considerations. And few jobs will give you a chance to impress decision-makers around the world.

8. Flexible work environment

Telnyx prides itself on a supportive, flexible work culture. The product support team has to keep phones staffed and our customers running smoothly, but they can work around each engineer’s needs. Support team members can work from home, and shift schedules can accommodate preferences, changes or requests.

9. Enjoy Telnyx company perks

In addition to top-tier health and dental benefits, working at Telnyx comes with a number of amenities. Offices are fully stocked with snacks and beverages and lunches are catered. Delivery laundry service keeps your wardrobe clean and pressed, and membership to a gym and pool keeps team members fit. Support team members also have the opportunity to travel and visit their sister office in Chicago or Dublin.
If this sounds like the kind of fast-paced, varied gig you’re interested in, you can learn more about the position here.
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