Are You Attending ClueCon 2016?

Are You Attending ClueCon 2016?

Telnyx is happy to announce that we will be participating in ClueCon 2016 as a 128 Bit Sponsor. ClueCon is a developer conference that was designed to get everyone interested in technologically driven communication in one place to share ideas, learn from each other, and build the tools needed to succeed in reaching their goals. "I'm excited to have Telnyx involved in ClueCon 2016, I'm looking forward to our greatest year yet!" said Brian West with FreeSWITCH Solutions. At Telnyx, we believe an open network is the only acceptable platform for high-grade VoIP which is why we have developed our Mission Control Platform to offer real-time communications on a global scale via a self-service portal. We’re excited to hit the ground running as a ClueCon sponsor, and share how we’re building the next generation phone company with you. Join our engineers as they present in various sessions throughout the conference. For more information on the topics we will be presenting and how to register please see below.

Technical Mechanics Strategy

This presentation will explore how Telnyx has created a purpose-built network for offering voice services to customers over the Internet and those with the ability to form direct connections to the Telnyx backbone.  The discussion will include details on building a global backbone, using a cloud agnostic model to build data centers and adding automation and SDN elements to deliver a quality experience for consumers of the Telnyx product.

Data Pipelines & Fraud Detection w/ Machine Learning

As access to the internet and the popularity of VoIP simultaneously increase worldwide, telecom providers must adopt efficient data-handling tactics to enable real-time monitoring of traffic on their networks. In this presentation, we will discuss how Telnyx leverages technologies such as Spark, Cassandra, Kafka and Go to create a scalable data pipeline, which is then leveraged for dynamic fraud detection. Topics to be covered include but are not limited to cloud agnostic data pipelines, fraud detection, machine learning and time-series based alerting/monitoring.

Enabling Concurrent Monitoring

Monitoring and instrumenting FreeSwitch has helped Telnyx provide higher quality to our customers.  When we moved our system regionally and globally we needed a solution that would allow Telnyx and customers to manage concurrency in our distributed network. This presentation will explore how Telnyx monitors and manages customer calls locally, regionally and globally and the challenges that arise from this.

Designing and Implementing Micro-Services

In modern technology stacks today, failure is expected, but customer outages are not. How do you build a platform that can handle failure gracefully and with minimal interruption to the user? By using technologies that allow for a scalable, immutable, and highly available VoIP infrastructure. This presentation will give an overview of micro-services and docker technology implemented within the Telnyx platform.
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