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Cloud-Agnostic Call Processing: How do you get 99.999% Uptime?

Cloud agnostic refers to an independent approach to technology that ensures that systems never rely too heavily on any one cloud provider.

Josh Whitaker
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“Cloud-agnostic” is becoming a more frequently used buzzword as cloud solutions grow more fundamental to IT infrastructure. But what does being cloud agnostic mean for those of us in the VoIP-verse? For Telnyx, it refers to our independent approach to technology and ensuring that our service and platform never rely too heavily on any one cloud provider.

Diversity, Redundancy and Resiliency

These core principles drive Telnyx’s technology vision:
  • Diversify our technology stack in order to avoid the effects of outages, technology trends or commercial pressures.
  • Eliminate critical fail points through redundant architecture.
  • Automate scaling and failovers to create a truly resilient service.
So, when deploying telephony servers, we’ve chosen a number of different cloud providers to host our systems in multiple geographic locations, including the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Softlayer. Our system programmatically orchestrates our service across the architectures of these IaaS providers, balancing call processing across a set of workload servers while another set waits in reserve. So, in the rare case of an outage among one provider or a disaster in a certain location, critical systems failover to healthy instances.

Eliminating the Last Mile

All our cloud servers are directly peered with each other through our global IP backbone and direct cross connects with cloud providers at multiple locations. That means our telephony engine runs our service entirely off the public internet, processing calls in the cloud while data traverses our private infrastructure.
Combining a cloud-agnostic system with our global network extends the benefits of this investment to your telephony systems: reliable connections, clear call quality with minimal packet loss and jitter, better security and a worldwide reach that minimizes the distance that your calls travel over the public internet. And, the length of that “last mile” of public internet will continue to shorten as we spin up new points-of-presence around the world: our current eight PoPs across North America and Europe will expand to include five more in Asia and Australia by 2018.

Beyond AWS

A cloud-agnostic infrastructure is a requirement for a truly global VoIP service because of the particular geographic footprints of different cloud providers. Relying entirely on AWS or Google would narrow our service to the limitations of that provider’s infrastructure. Combining the providers’ footprints pushes our reach as wide as functionally possible. And, if a major outage occurred, like the full outage of the AWS S3 platform that took down services like Twitter, Quora, IFTTT, Nest and all Wix-built sites, any services built on the Telnyx platform would remain operational.
Our cloud-agnostic platform means the reliable call quality and always-on availability that our customers have come to expect from us aren’t beholden to technology contracts or sensitive to issues on the part of our technology partners. We can confidently put our system’s full operational status on display at and include 99.999% uptime as a company guarantee, because we’re building a future-proof communications company that will always put your long-term stability ahead of our short-term margins.
Curious to learn more about our cloud-agnostic approach? Our customer success team is here to answer any questions.
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