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Current Voice Provider Holding You Hostage?

We’re proud to announce the launch of TeXML Translator, a brand new feature designed to make it fast and easy for customers using an XML-based solution to switch to a better voice API provider.

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TeXML Translator

Switching just got a whole lot easier.

We’re proud to announce the launch of TeXML Translator, a brand new feature designed to make it fast and easy for customers using an XML-based solution to switch to a better voice API provider.

Migrate to Telnyx in minutes using your existing XML code with the reliable, Call Control API. TeXML Translator covers seven key commands — dial, gather, say, record, play, redirect and hang up, with more coming soon. So, whether you’re using programmable voice for a simple IVR, UCaaS or Call Tracking solution, you’re sure to save on development time and cut your bills in half while you’re at it.

How does it work?

TeXML Translator allows you to build applications using Telnyx numbers—fast. If you already have an XML application using programmable voice verbs, simply configure your Telnyx portal connection to point at your XML endpoint and when a call comes in, we’ll do the rest.

If you don’t already have an XML programmable voice application, you can write one in minutes using simple TeXML commands—called verbs—which you wrap in an XML file. Telnyx will then execute the commands in your XML file in order. It’s a fast, easy way to embed voice into your applications without the hassle.

Why switch from Twilio?

We’ve made switching easy for a reason. You’re probably paying too much for voice and receiving subpar service. Here are our top five reasons why you should switch from Twilio to Telnyx:

1. Superior Network
Telnyx is a carrier, we manage a private network environment with complete control over call routing for faster resolutions. Twilio relies on the public internet for connectivity and middlemen for call routing and core communications functionality.

2. Lower Costs
Telnyx voice API calls are a little over half the price of the same calls made with Twilio, starting at $0.007 / minute to make a local outbound call, compared to $0.013 / minute with Twilio.

3. Number Ownership
Because we’re a licensed carrier, Telnyx has its our own database of global numbers. Twilio relies on middlemen to supply numbers, resulting in higher markups and less flexibility.

4. Better Support
Telnyx offers 24/7 in-house engineering support via phone and email at no extra cost whereas Twilio charges $1,500 per month for this.

5. Customer Ratings
Based on G2 crowd reviews, Telnyx is consistently ranked higher than Twilio in Every. Single. Category. From ease of use and set up, to the quality of support and even product direction. The results are clear.

How to get started with TeXML Translator

In this guide, you'll learn how to write a simple text to speech TeXML application using Telnyx Call Control in just a few lines of code.

You can also watch Telnyx Product Manager Paul Shanahan demonstrate just how easy it is in this short video:

Step 1: Setup a Telnyx account, number and connection
First, follow our quickstart guide to create a Telnyx account, phone number and connection.

Step 2: Create an XML file containing TeXML call instructions
If you already have an XML call instruction file from another provider, skip to Step 3. TeXML Translator will seamlessly interpret your existing verbs and nouns.

If you don't have an existing file, Create an empty standard .xml file using your preferred editor. TeXML files contain the following items:
  • response element tag defining the body of the TeXML document
  • verb an XML tag denoting the action that you want Telnyx to take
  • response element the item for the action specified in the associated verb

    In this example, we want to our application to answer incoming calls, play some speech to the caller and hangup so we only need Say and Hangup.
Step 3: Make your TeXML file accessible on the internet
In order to execute your TeXML file, it has to be available via the internet for Telnyx Call Control to execute. Upload the XML file to your own publicly accessible server or use a temporary file storage service such as for this example.
Step 4: Configure your Telnyx connection to point at your TeXML file
In your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account created in Step 1:
  • Select Connections from the left-hand side navigation menu
  • Edit the Connection you created in Step 1 by clicking on the pencil icon in the right column
  • Ensure the Call Control tab is selected in the middle region of the popup window
  • Change the Implementation from Webhook to XML
  • For this example, change the XML Request Method to GET
  • Enter the URL for the XML file you made available via the internet in Step 3
  • Save All Changes
Step 5: Dial your Telnyx number
Using your favorite telephony client or your own device, dial the number you purchased in Step 1 which is connected to the connection we just configured. The call will answer automatically and you should hear your text-to-speech playing. It's that simple!

To start building applications fast with TeXML Translator, head to the Mission Control Portal or check out the full API docs in our Developer Center.
Questions on setup? Talk to our experts.
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