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Key Trends in Building Customer Context

Greater customer expectations mean that companies need to determine customer context before the conversation even begins.

Odhran Reidy
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Customers want and expect a faster, more responsive customer service. And customers have become accustomed to interactive and personalized experiences, thanks to modern marketing technology. That same marketing technology has enabled businesses to attract more customers and broader customer bases than ever.
Greater customer expectations mean that companies need to determine customer context before the conversation even begins, if they want to offer a truly standout customer experience.
To meet these demands, companies have turned to tools like conversational AI, chatbots, and automated communication workflows. All of these tools work far more efficiently if you can automatically verify customer identities and attributes, without any manual input from the customer. When paired with a reliable number lookup service, these tools can automate much—if not all—of the call routing process. And customers can correctly be directed to self-service systems, when appropriate.
So how are companies deploying these technologies and new ways to build customer context? The use cases for number lookup and automation tools fall into three broad categories:

1. Customer segmentation

Customer context enables companies to separate customers into more specific groups and deliver more personalized customer service and marketing. Customer bases can be segmented by language, phone service, previous purchases, and other attributes.
These segmentation options also enable companies to offer gated offers—like discounts, purchase priority, and early access to new products and services—based on specific customer attributes.

2. Customer acquisition

Number lookup enables companies to get correct customer information for sales and business development outreach. Having correct phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses is vital for reliable customer contact and account based marketing.

3. Loss prevention

This boils down to one thing: preventing promotional offer abuse. The rate of online discount abuse can be as high as 35%. Verifying information enables companies to stop multiple sign-up accounts and ensure that promo codes are being redeemed by the intended customers.

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