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Data Voice Options Case Study

To seamlessly manage their customer base, Data Voice Options turned to the feature-rich, Telnyx self-service portal, which offers enterprise-grade voice quality and reliability. Learn more in our case study.

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Data Voice Options Manages Telephony Services With Telnyx
Data Voice Options provides unified solutions for businesses integrating voice, hosted phone systems, collaboration, networks and IT services. With their expertise and support, users can architect networks, phone systems and IT infrastructures to meet their specific needs.
Founded: 2015 | Headquarters: Denver, CO
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By integrating with Telnyx, Data Voice Options can now deliver enterprise-grade voice quality and reliability, as well as the ability to spin up new connections, register E911 services and purchase or port numbers — all in a matter of minutes.

Convenience & control, all in one place

Data Voice Options had some key challenges to solve when selecting a carrier. They wanted to provide a best-in-class customer experience with the ability to tailor solutions to their clients’ individual needs. However, to truly deliver this level of white-glove customization, they needed more control over client voice services.
With Telnyx as their carrier, Data Voice Options gained access to the self-service Mission Control Portal, which provides a granular view of client connections as well as the flexibility to make changes in real-time.
“We now have much more control and visibility into our clients' services,” said Jeff Amoruso, CTO of Data Voice Options. “Through the Telnyx portal, we can add or remove phone numbers, add connections, update addresses, set our own credentials and add authentication parameters. With so much control over our SIP connections, we’re empowered to provide a better level of service to our clients.”

Reliable support when it counts

When dealing with businesses that depend on high-availability voice services, Data Voice Options needs to quickly identify and resolve issues.
“With previous carriers, we struggled with connection management and support,” said Mr. Amoruso. “When issues arose, we either had to wait on the line or submit email tickets. It was a time-consuming process.”
Telnyx manages its own private network environment, eliminating reliance on aggregators for call routing or core communications functionality. Plus, the in-house Telnyx support team is available 24/7. The result is faster problem identification, troubleshooting and resolution.
“When we’ve needed Telnyx support, they’ve been transparent throughout the process and always followed up to make sure our issues were truly resolved. The team is very responsive to questions and feature requests as well. It’s that kind of support that makes us confident in our partnership with Telnyx.”
Better support also means Data Voice Options isn’t wasting valuable time troubleshooting problems, instead focusing conversations on understanding how they can add more value to their client relationships.

Savings increase as they scale

Cost reduction is a key priority for all businesses. In the managed services space, it’s particularly critical to provide a cost-competitive solution to clients. With Telnyx, Data Voice Options was able to realize significant cost savings and offer more competitive pricing, particularly as they’ve scaled their business. As Mr. Amoruso said, “to my delight, the more numbers we add, the less expensive our monthly cost become.”

Gaining a complete view of client usage

For Data Voice Options, one of the unexpected benefits of moving to Telnyx has been the ability to access real-time usage reports via the portal. These reports allow them to not only accurately charge their clients each month but also quickly identify changes in usage and predict monthly revenue impacts.
“The reporting has been a huge time saver for us,” said Mr. Amoruso. “It allows us to proactively manage client connections in a way that just wasn’t possible before. And it also gives us an accurate view of revenue in real-time, which we can monitor and manage as needed.”

The Results

Monthly reporting time savedIncrease in Client SatisfactionReduction in DID Costs
3-4 hours15%75%

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