Easier App Maintenance

Easier App Maintenance

Running voice telephony analysis through the cloud results in several benefits including improved flexibility, increased reliability and security, faster implementations, quicker sales cycles, and the focus of this article, simplified maintenance.
You’ve got call media forking to thank for these benefits. Not sure what call media forking is? You can find out more about it here, but in short, it ensures all call media is duplicated, encrypted and delivered to multiple locations via Telnyx’s private IP network. This is all done in real time, so the application analysis can be carried out while the call is routed simultaneously.
With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how maintenance of your application will become easier when you use the cloud.

Easier maintenance of your SaaS application

It’s important to remember that with Telnyx you’ll benefit from the perks that come with an operator as opposed to a reseller. A telephony reseller will, by definition, rely on intermediaries to deliver their service. As a consequence, you might experience poor reliability, higher costs, and less support when things don’t seem to be working as they should.
Moving an application’s functionality to the cloud gives the organization better control over the application itself. Let’s take a prime example where this will come in handy: bugs!
If your application experiences a bug you can address it on-demand and roll out updates remotely. Obviously, this will result in faster fixes and better customer service in the long-run. However, with an operator like Telnyx you would benefit from lower costs, troubleshooting support, and in general, a more reliable service.
If we look a little closer at the customer service available once your application is setup and running on the cloud, you’ll benefit from:
  • Expert Advice: A customer success team will optimize your account setup, monitor irregularities and offer opportunities to improve call experiences
  • Customer Advocates: The same customer success team will spend some time to understand your goals, use cases and pain points. They’ll then act as your internal advocate, pushing for the accommodations, improvements and features for your business
  • 24/7 Engineering Support: You can get also instant support via phone, chat or ticket based on your issue
  • Fraud Protection: You’ll be protected by an anti-fraud team and your account monitored with anti-fraud alerts

About Telnyx
Telnyx provides a cloud-based communications platform that enables cloud-based applications to perform call translation, analytics, transcription, and voice recognition in real time without any on-premise technology. Contact our customer success team to learn more.
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