Employee Spotlight: Sarah Halko

Employee Spotlight: Sarah Halko

Sarah Halko Employee SPotlight
Sarah Halko, our resident operations analyst, keeps busy helping the Telnyx business operations team when she’s not traveling the world or bopping to her favorite bands. Here’s our brief interview:

What does an operations analyst do for a telecommunications company like Telnyx?

I'm currently assisting a team of talented engineers and vendor relations managers interconnect with global vendors. In addition, I work with colleagues on regulatory and compliance both nationally and internationally.

What excites you about what you’re doing?

The industry is always changing, and its exciting to be part of the policy discussions to ensure our laws and regulations change with emerging technology.

Why did you decide to join Telnyx?

I was excited to learn about IP technology and its use in telecommunications. Routing calls via IP is more reliant, flexible and more cost-efficient. It was also an opportunity to grow into roles outside of numbering, such as regulatory and international relations.

What do you like to do on your personal time?

I love to bike! I once biked from New York City to San Francisco for three months. We were raising money and awareness for Illini 4000, which is a non-profit committed to supporting cancer causes. A part of the proceeds we raised went to research foundations and the rest went directly to patient support services.

What were some of the highlights of that particular cross-country trip?

So many! We camped a lot, and being from the city, I’ve never really seen the stars. It was a treat just staying up until two in the morning, lying down and seeing all the stars. I also really appreciated the hospitality and kindness of everyone we came across – bringing us food and helping us with our laundry. It reinstated my faith in humanity!

Any other adventures planned for this year?

I am planning a trip to Africa and hope to do the Chicago Marathon in October.
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