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Mission Control Fall Updates

We've got a slew of updates to Mission Control functionality as the cold sets in.

Josh Whitaker
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At Telnyx, our product team is always looking for ways to perfect your carrier experience. This week, we have a slew of portal and API enhancements that we want you to be aware of: verified number porting, outbound rate limits and better reporting as well as an entirely new API endpoint for SMS. Find more information below.

Add rate limits to outbound profiles

Prevent termination to high-cost destinations on a per-profile basis. By limiting rates, you’re protected against potential call hackers running up a large bill. Add this security measure to the outbound profile under advanced options.

Faster MDR reports

When searching through SMS records, recovering the message body is 90% of the work our reporting engine is performing. By only including message details, not the message body, report generation improves by as much as 10x. Test it out in the Reporting module.

New filters for CDR search

Narrow down CDR searches by destination country or call cost. This change adds extra granularity to CDR reports, and it makes it easier to identify termination fraud—if it ever happens— by finding expensive calls or calls terminated in high-cost regions.

Telnyx adds API endpoint to check SMS status

Verify your message deliverability with the new API endpoint: Get send request status. Submit the SMS ID to learn if the message is queued, sending, sent, delivered, failed or timed out. Learn more by visiting our interactive developer documentation.

Telnyx adds support for NAPTR records

NAPTR records are used to automate SIP device configurations, and now supports this configuration method. For any NAPTR-enabled device or server, point it to to automatically discover and configure protocols, ports and IP addresses.

RTCP disabled by default

The RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) gives real-time feedback on QoS for ongoing RTP sessions. This change improves the performance of our telephony engine and reduces unused data streaming. If you would like to use RTCP reports in your call systems, you can enable it in the Connections module. Navigate to the Basic Options for a connection you’d like to edit, then find Enable RTCP under Expert Settings.
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