Feature Release: Telnyx Answering Machine Detection
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Feature Release: Telnyx Answering Machine Detection

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new feature — Telnyx Answering Machine Detection (AMD), now available with our programmable voice API — Call Control. This enables you to create the best possible customer experience, while gathering valuable data about how often your calls are picked up by humans or machines.
Outbound calling is an important communication channel for many businesses, whether you’re following up on potential leads, providing customers with important updates, or collecting information via voice surveys. And, the first step in delivering a great experience is understanding who’s answering the call.
Telnyx Answering Machine Detection will tell you in real-time whether your call has been answered by a human or machine, so you can tailor your experience accordingly.

How does it work?

When initiating a call using Telnyx Call Control, choose an answering machine configuration. Then, once the call is answered our algorithm will automatically detect if a human or machine has picked up the call and send your application webhooks when:
  • A human or machine is detected, so you can use call progress analysis to determine the next step in your call flow.
  • If a machine is detected, we’ll let you know when the machine greeting ends, so you can leave a complete message rather than frustrating customers with half-messages left on their voicemail.
Our AMD is tuned for speed and accuracy, with over 97% accuracy across a large sample set of calls. Choose one of our out-of-the-box configurations, or build your own configuration using our flexible parameters.
This new capability enhances an extensive suite of features already available on Call Control — our enterprise-grade programmable voice API. Other available features include the ability to record and conference calls, play audio, fork call media, capture caller inputs and more.
To find out more about Telnyx Answering Machine Detection, take a look at our developer docs.
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