Feature Release: Wireless Zone Based Billing
Feature Release - 2.10.2020 - 2 min read

Feature Release: Wireless Zone Based Billing

Looking for a billing option that best suits your wireless usage? On top of our 20, 250 and 2000 MB plans, you can now also choose Zone Based Billing based on your SIM card’s location.

What exactly is Zone Based Billing?

ZBB allows you to be billed at a different rate depending on your country of usage, determined by the MCC that is being used by the SIM card. This rate can be activated via SIM Group within the Mission Control Portal. All SIM cards associated within that SIM Group will then be rated based on these four pricing zones:

Which Zone will I be billed on?

Your SIM’s country of usage (or MCC being used) dictates which zone you’ll be in. Check out the Telnyx Wireless Zone Mapping for a complete list of countries and the zones they’re in. Also note that choosing ZBB will incur a $30 recurring monthly charge per SIM Group with ZBB.
Looking for more info? Check out this video demo of how to activate Zone Based Billing:
You can also reach out to us if you have additional questions! Start a chat right in Mission Control or get in touch at +1.888.980.9750.
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