Gaining Velocity: Telnyx in 2016

Gaining Velocity: Telnyx in 2016

What a year it’s been for the Telnyx crew! From our office move here in Chicago’s River North District to all the amazing feature updates we’ve been adding to our Mission Control portal, it definitely has been an exciting 2016 for your favorite wholesale SIP trunk provider. Here are just a few highlights that made our year:


Mission Control Launch
With its intuitive features, the Mission Control portal was launched to make our clients’ lives easier when it comes to managing their telecommunications needs. The platform enabled our users to really take advantage of our Points of Presence in Chicago IL (CH1), Ashburn VA (DC2) and San Jose CA (SV1).
Of course, we continue to improve on our platform each day as we release new features to ensure that we provide nothing but the best in quality service.
Feature Release: Advanced Numbers Search
One of the very first features to be included in Mission Control 1.0 is the ability for portal users to search and instantly provision phone numbers. We gave you the power to search via region or prefix. Options to search for consecutive numbers, toll-free and vanity numbers also became available.


Feature Release: E911
Telnyx has you covered when it comes to emergency situations, which is why we activated the E911 feature in February, ensuring that responders go to the right address if someone ever calls 911 from your phone system.


Feature Release: International Calling
Activating international calling was a big deal for the Telnyx team. This gave us the chance to really prove who we are as VoIP providers within the industry, and it gave our users the global reach that they’ve been looking for.


Feature Release: Social Media Authorization
We do our best to cater to our clients’ needs, and we know that different users want different ways of logging into our Mission Control portal. So in April, we gave you the ability to sign up through your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts.
Dublin in the House
Something great happened in April - we  opened our new office in Dublin, Ireland! Loyalty from customers like you has fueled continued growth, making adding new team members around the world necessary to support your needs at any time.


Feature Release: CNAM
We added new features in the Mission Control portal in May – one of them is the ability for you to instantly enable CNAM. People are now able to see the name associated with the phone number you’re calling from.


Feature Release: Channel Billing
Channel Billing became available in the Mission Control portal in June, giving you the power to implement channel billing on a per number basis. This - without a doubt - simplified billing for all of our portal subscribers and enabled a more customized platform experience.
Partnering With 3CX
After the successful interop test between our two products, Telnyx and 3CX officially became partners on June 14th. This gave our users the opportunity to leverage 3CX’s innovative and open standards-based communications technology. Read more about our partnership here.


New Chicago Office Space (shown above)
Located in the heart of Chicago’s vibrant River North neighborhood, the Telnyx headquarters is housed at the top of a 5-story brick building and boasts a variety of high-tech features including a 30-panel video wall and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. Read more about our move here.


The New
We were very excited to relaunch the Telnyx website in August. The revamped site offers better user experience, and our effort to provide smart and meaningful content will continue as we evolve and grow as a topnotch wholesale SIP trunk provider..
Telnyx goes to ClueCon
Did you go to ClueCon this year? Telnyx was there as a 128 Bit Sponsor, and we were very proud of some of our engineers who shared their industry knowledge in their respective fields. We had so much fun that you might just see us again at next year’s event!


Telnyx sponsors AstriCon
AstriCon is a three-day conference bringing together developers, businesses and enthusiasts to explore one of the most influential open source telecommunications projects today, and Telnyx was there in the middle of it all.
Partnerships with Equinix, NTT and GTT
Telnyx announced partnerships with Equinix, NTT and GTT in building a private global network to deliver the highest quality VoIP service. By partnering with only tier-1 at the largest internet hubs, we are able to provide the most direct and secure infrastructure for our customers’ traffic to ride.


10% Increase in our Rate Center Footprint
Over a three-month period, we were able to increase our rate center footprint by over 10%. Our local presence is now one of the largest in the industry with over 15,000 rate centers.
Telnyx at KazooCon
2600Hz hosted us as a platinum sponsor at their 4th annual KazooCon, held in San Francisco from the 17th to the 18th of October. We gladly shared ideas and opened discussions about the current telecom landscape.


Feature Release: Anchorsite™
This proprietary feature enables you to specify at which Point of Presence you’d like your media to be anchored without having to make any configuration changes on your end – by default, we will anchor your media at the PoP with the lowest latency to you.
We are Skype for Business Certified!
Telnyx is now a recognized enterprise VoIP carrier by Microsoft, making it one of fewer than 80 carriers who have passed Microsoft’s rigorous testing. Read our press release here.


This Must be PoP
As a part of our growth strategy, we finally opened our very first Point of Presence in London, England (LD). This means even faster and more secure media anchoring overseas. Also, be on the lookout for PoP locations in Vancouver, Canada (VAN2) this month and Hong Kong (HK1) early next year!
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