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Google Verified Calls is live with Telnyx

Increase pickups on outbound calls with Google Verified Calls and Telnyx

Fiona McDonnell
Google Verified Calls is now available in Mission Control
Earlier this year we released Google Verified Calls via API to Telnyx users as a first step in tackling falling pickup rates through Branded Calling efforts.

Why should I use Google Verified Calls?

If you’re one of the 91% of businesses who say that outbound calls are an important part of their customer service goals— and you’re getting more and more frustrated by low pick-up rates or unintentional call blocking— this is your sign to give Google Verified Calls a try.
Verified Calling from Google is a form of branded calling that allows businesses to display their business name, logo, and reason for calling on an end-user’s Android device. Early studies by Google indicate that end users of businesses that have implemented Verified Calls are 3 times more likely to answer the phone when it’s been marked as legitimate.

Partner with Telnyx for Verified Calling

Telnyx is committed to decreasing the number of spam and fraudulent calls on our network— adding Google Verified Calls to Mission Control is a first step in using Branded Calling to ensure legitimate call completion. If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re doing to support call completion, reach out to our team of experts.
Note that Google Verified Calls is currently only available in the United States, India, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. End users must have an Android phone that has the Google Phone app installed.
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