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Customer Story: Electronic Healthcare Software Provider

Telnyx has partnered with a multi-billion dollar electronic medical record software provider– learn how they leverage our products

Pete Christianson
A tablet is showing patient medical records in an easy-to-use healthcare software user interface.
Telnyx has partnered with a multi-billion dollar electronic medical record software provider that offers healthcare companies access to shared patient data across hundreds of thousands of providers, unlocking insights that impact both patient and business outcomes.

Tackling healthcare communication challenges

To tackle healthcare communication challenges around patient engagement and care coordination, the customer relies on Telnyx to support a broad range of use cases, for example:
  • Appointment reminder calls with the ability to transfer
  • SMS reminders pre and post appointments
  • Appointment update texts i.e. scheduling reminders or emergency cancellations
  • Text reminders for self-service payment
  • Calls to let patients know test results are ready
  • Informational and wellness calls
  • Immediate response calls

Messaging capabilities

Fundamentally, the healthcare solution provider needed one-way and two-way SMS via API. The customer also leverages more advanced Telnyx messaging features to provide enhanced deliverability and more granular reporting to clients:
  • Number Pool to load balance SMS traffic across a group of numbers.
  • Message Detail Records for complete transparency into deliverability, data includes to and from numbers, direction, delivery status, error codes, and more.
  • Auto Responses to track opt-outs using common reserve words like STOP and HELP, and link those responses to the appropriate client.

Voice capabilities

Over and above inbound and outbound calling capabilities, the healthcare solution provider leverages the feature-rich Telnyx Voice API to build responsive patient experiences that are completely customizable based on their client’s needs:
  • Answering Machine Detection to route a call dependent on whether it has been answered by a person or voicemail.
  • Smart IVR for intelligent call routing, leveraging DTMF, audio playback and text-to-speech.
  • Dynamic text-to-speech audio prompts.
  • Real-time call management support to call initiation, status tracking and call result logging.

Enterprise-grade reliability and scalability

Telnyx is an enterprise-grade carrier network with its own private backbone, so the healthcare solution provider is able to avoid the public internet's technical pitfalls—poor call quality and dropped calls. The network is carrier and cloud-agnostic, built with redundancies for every leg of the journey.
Telnyx infrastructure scales on-demand, empowering the healthcare solution provider to provision voice connectivity instantly with unlimited capacity. Telnyx has also been able to deliver increased SMS volumes and throughput of 800,000+ texts per day (50-130 per second).

You can download a PDF version of the case study here or get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about how Telnyx can help you transform your communications.
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