Introducing: Programmatic Call Control
Feature Release - 4.17.2018

Introducing: Programmatic Call Control

Machine-powered call flows for next-generation voice applications.
Telnyx is excited to release a brand new API service for managing calls and manipulating call flows. Build voice applications with Telnyx call control building blocks: IVR, call tracking, call center and more.
Programmable Carrier
Access core carrier services like call management, DTMF and call media forking via API.
Responsive Apps
Deep integration for fully curated user voice experiences.
Massive Scale
Anycast architecture and automated resilience support large-scale deployments.

Call Control API Integration

With Telnyx call control, execute these in-call commands:
Answer, Transfer and End
  • Manage call participants.
  • A recorded message, music or other audio.
  • Save an audio file of the conversation.
  • Collect DTMF dial pad responses with one command.
  • Duplicate and stream call media to multiple parties.

Call Tracking Case Study

A leading call tracking application with 20M minutes/month of voice traffic.
Learn how our highly performant API manages their 75 million commands/month and how the Telnyx service opens up new markets while saving them money.
Getting Started with Call Control
Python engineer, Alex Lee, describes building a new anycast architecture to keep our call control service low latency and resilient.
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