JOIN US: Busting Open Telecom—APIs and Call Flow Control

JOIN US: Busting Open Telecom—APIs and Call Flow Control

Learn about the next phase of telco evolution!

Cloud communications are bringing application control over the telephony operator. Communication platforms like Telnyx can program dynamic caller workflows and extend that control to voice applications.
Call control APIs translate simple application commands into call flow steps:
  • Dial, answer, transfer, bridge or reject calls.
  • Play audio or text-to-speech.
  • Record calls.
  • Gather IVR menu responses.
  • Set up conference calls.
  • Fork call media.

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Join product manager, Brian Smith, and telephony engineer, Guillermo de Maio, as they contrast API-only products like TwiML with carrier-grade solutions like Telnyx and perform a live demo of Telnyx’s Programmatic Call Control product.
  • How does call control work and how are applications using it today?
  • What call control solutions are on the market and how are they different?
  • Live demos of voice workflows implemented with Telnyx Programmatic Call Control
    • Basic outbound call
    • Branching IVR menus
    • Next-gen application example
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