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Key Technology Telnyx Uses for Reliability and Security

Cloud agnostic call processing and private IP networks help provide reliable and secure services.

Josh Whitaker
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When it comes to choosing a communications carrier for an application or service provider, security and reliability are paramount.
Apps and services need to be available whenever users want them (so, all the time), and whenever you handle any sort of user information, even metadata, security is absolutely vital. The challenges here are that the public internet is a security risk and CPaaS can lose connectivity if there’s any sort of interruption on your carrier network.
So, what makes a communications partner fit for applications and providers? Here are two critical capabilities:

Cloud Agnostic Call Processing

Cloud agnostic call processing simply means that the communications carrier doesn’t depend on a single cloud provider. By properly diversifying their technology stack, your communications provider can eliminate single points of failure, automate failovers, and ultimately avoid downtime caused by network outages. Telnyx employs a diverse infrastructure built with full redundancy. And if there’s ever a network failure, failover occurs in less than one second. Even if a major platform like AWS goes down, Telnyx services stay online by failing over to another capable platform like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, or one of our other server hosting partners strategically positioned around the world. With Telnyx your app is available all the time, and you can deliver always-on service.

Private IP Networks

Since the public internet is a security liability and wasn’t built for real time communications anyway, the best way to get the security and reliability that applications and providers require is to avoid the public internet altogether.
How does a company make that happen? By transmitting data over a private network.
Ideally, your communications carrier should send your data using a private, fiber optic connection. This not only minimizes the potential for man-in-the-middle attacks, it reduces latency and packet loss, which means more dependable service quality and better end-user satisfaction.
This is exactly how Telnyx keeps data off the public internet. The Telnyx global IP network is built on a private fiber optic backbone, with virtual cross connects that eliminate the “last mile,” where data often must traverse the public internet as a last step to reaching its destination. Using the Telnyx platform, calls and data rarely need to make public internet hops, so your user data and calls are more secure and delivered faster.
If you’d like to learn more about how Telnyx can improve the security and reliability of your applications and help you provide always-on service, contact our customer success team.
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