New Feature Release: Billing Groups
Feature Release - 11.12.2019

New Feature Release: Billing Groups

We’re happy to announce a new feature designed to make it even easier to manage your usage and billing information — Billing Groups — now available in the Mission Control Portal and Telnyx API.
This new feature offers a better way to manage your customer sub-accounts, making it easy to add and manage billing groups to categorize usage reports and end-of-month invoice records.

What are the benefits?

  • Billing of Sub-Accounts: Resellers of our services who have customers of their own will find this feature particularly useful for billing the exact usage, partial and recurring charges for the month.
  • Reporting & Metadata: Billing Group information is stored within the metadata of the corresponding CDR. This provides for easier filtering of records by customer.

How to get started

Set up billing groups in minutes with the Mission Control Portal. You can start creating billing groups in four easy steps:
  1. Navigate to the My Account section, located within the dropdown in the top right of the Mission Control Portal.
  2. Select Billing Groups from the top navigation bar.
  3. Enter the name of the Billing Group.
  4. Click Create.
Once you’ve created your Billing Groups, you can start assigning them to numbers and outbound profiles within their corresponding sections. You may also label outbound calls dynamically through a custom SIP header.
To find out more about creating your Billing Groups via the Telnyx API, head over to our Developer Center.
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