New Feature Release: Global SIP Registration
Feature Release - 11.1.2019

New Feature Release: Global SIP Registration

New Feature Release: Global SIP Registration

Great news — we’ve just expanded support for SIP registrations to even more global destinations. With this release, Telnyx now supports registrations locally within Europe and Australia, with Canada coming soon.
This global expansion enables registrations beyond our US sites located at SIP registrations are now possible on the following domains:
  • (coming soon)
This means that customers using devices which depend on SIP registrations can now register with any of the regions listed above and be able to receive inbound calls from the regional SIP proxy.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced Latency: Routing your SIP signaling through your closest region reduces the time packets spend traversing the network. This reduces delays and improves deliverability.
  • Transport Protocol Support: We have also extended our full support for UDP, TCP and TLS to each of these new locations so you can keep using your existing signaling protocol.

How to get started

Configuring your SIP Region is easy and can be tested with the following steps:
  1. Register your SIP device against sip.telnyx.XXXX
  2. Make a phone call to the number or SIP URI assigned to the Connection.
  3. Your SIP device will receive the inbound call from the SIP regional proxy that you registered against.
That’s it — you’ve now updated your SIP Registration region. To find out how you can complete these same steps via API, check out our Developer Center.
For more information on SIP Registration, head over to
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