New Product Release: High Volume, Short Duration
Feature Release - 7.9.2019

New Product Release: High Volume, Short Duration

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We’re excited to announce a new outbound voice product: high-volume, short-duration (HVSD) calls.
Our current Conversational product restricts the number of calls you can send per second, while also requiring your traffic to comply with specific call duration requirements.
With the new HVSD product, you can now send traffic with much larger volumes and fewer call duration restrictions. Pricing starts as low as $0.0015/min.

How It Works

Telnyx made HVSD possible using dedicated infrastructure that is custom-made for this kind of traffic (meaning it’s capable of processing higher call volumes that traditional carriers usually reject).
HVSD can be enabled in three simple steps using the Telnyx Mission Control Portal:
  • Create a new Outbound Profile with Traffic Type "Short Duration."
  • Assign your connection to the new Outbound Profile.
  • Configure your SIP device to send calls to
Contact us to learn more about this new product release, or check out our guide to getting started with HVSD.
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