New Product Release: Telnyx Conversational Direct
Feature Release - 9.24.2019

New Product Release: Telnyx Conversational Direct

We’re excited to announce a new outbound voice product — Conversational Direct, which is now available in the Mission Control Portal and Telnyx API.

Conversational Direct offers improved quality and reduced connection time on your outbound calls. Telnyx enhances the quality of your calls by optimizing the route preferences and choosing the most direct route to the destination.

Get Started

You can set up global outbound calling via the Mission Control Portal in minutes, and start leveraging the Telnyx global IP network for more direct call connections and tighter security straight away. You can enable Conversational Direct in two simple steps:

  1. Create a new Outbound Profile with Traffic Type: Conversational Direct
  2. Assign your connection to the new Outbound Profile

To find out more about updating your Outbound Profile via the Telnyx API, head over to our Developer Center.

Flat Pricing

Flat rate pricing starts as low as $0.01/min. Check out our detailed rate decks in the Portal, or talk to an expert about volume discounts.

The Telnyx customer support team is accessible 24/7 to provide you with technical support and answer any questions about our Conversational Direct product.

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