The New Telnyx Developer Center is Here
Feature Release - 10.12.2017

The New Telnyx Developer Center is Here

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Telnyx Developer Center. Developers can dive head-first into our API documentation here and start building RTC-driven applications with features like number search and provisioning, programmable SMS and SIP trunk configuration, to name a few.

Why Now?

We looked at our existing documentation and began taking notes on how we can better enhance the site for our customers. With both internal and customer feedback, we embraced the opportunity to iterate on how we’re sharing information with you.We knew we could do better when it comes to showcasing the amazing and impressive tools that our engineers have built, and the Developer Center is the result of that. We dedicated a team of developers and content creators to stay on top of our API documentation to ensure quality, consistency and accuracy across all levels. The new layout is organized around topics, including clear overviews and definitions for each section, built glossaries, and included helpful support links (FAQs, e-mail, and live chat) in case you have additional questions or concerns.

Clear Communication

The documentation is organized by topics, prefaced with a general overview that describes how our API can be used within the context of that subject, followed by reference documentation of specific API endpoints. We utilize a sidebar menu that lists each service that branches out into subsections where applicable.Everything has been built into an API Explorer so you can try out API endpoints side-by-side with the appropriate reference.With this update, you’ll be able to explore several applicable tools within:
  • Numbers
  • Messaging
  • Connections
  • Outbound Calling
  • Porting
  • Account(s)
  • Reports
  • Caller ID
  • Local Routing Number (LRN)
  • Switch Data

What’s Coming

SDK documentation is up next for the Developer Center. Of course, we’ll continue to add and iterate as we grow as a business, make updates based on your feedback, enhance contextualization and related APIs, build and grow searchable glossaries, develop searchable support articles and make available to you the best tools to develop in the wonderful world of real-time communications.

Get at Us

Have an idea to enhance our documentation? Do you see an issue that we should fix? We’d love to hear from you! Click on a specific topic here and click on the Feedback tab on the right.
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