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Portal Feature: Outbound Settings Configuration

Configure for outbound calling on the Telnyx Mission Control Platform. Telnyx - SIP Trunk Provider, Programmable Voice and Messaging Solutions

Michael Bratschi
Take advantage of our Mission Control platform with additional configurations in our new Outbound Settings.

Outbound Configurations (Take Advantage)

All you have to do is choose which connection you’d like to customize, click on the outbound icon next to it, and voila! There are a few expert configurations that our team is hard at work on, and we promise we’ll let you know when they’re ready! In the meantime, you get to play around with options like:
Caller ID Override - choose a phone number to override your existing Caller ID
Encrypted Media - choose between SRTP and ZRTP encryption for optimal media security
Fax options including T.38 reinvite initiation
Of course, we're here to assist - our 24/7 live chat support is available in the portal if you have any questions about our new features.  
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