Programmable SMS is Here!
Feature Release - 6.14.2017

Programmable SMS is Here!

Reliability and flexibility with a high deliverability rate and up to a whopping 98% open rate are just a few reasons why messaging is in such high demand for businesses – it just works.
And with 80% of Americans using the technology, it only makes more sense for companies to use SMS as a way to communicate. It was a natural next step for us here at Telnyx – provide a diverse offering for a unified way of communicating. We’re in the business of connecting people, and messaging is another way to accomplish just that.

Using a cloud communication platform & API for SMS

We offer our SMS capabilities via our Mission Control Portal & API. Curious to see how it works? There are some steps to take before you start sending and receiving texts: - If you haven't yet, sign up with Mission Control - it's free! - Find an SMS-enabled number to send your messages from with our intuitive Search Numbers query. - Easily configure your SMS features using Messaging Profiles to organize campaigns and use cases.

Once set up in Mission Control

You can start sending messages from your numbers using our HTTPS API and authenticate using the unique secret/token associated with the profile you created. Receiving messages is free, and you can get started by configuring the webhook on the associated messaging profile. Got questions? You can also schedule a call with us – we’re excited to talk to you about our SMS capabilities!

Looking to get started immediately?

Here are some resources to get you up and running.
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