[Quiz] Find Out if You're A Control Phreak

[Quiz] Find Out if You're A Control Phreak

Are You a Control Phreak? When it comes to business communications, so are we.
The term “Phreak” was assigned to the telecommunications system hackers of the ‘70s-‘90s who found ways to manipulate tone-based telephone switching systems.
We’ve adapted the term for modern communications, lending it to all the phreaks out there who are taking control of their next-gen communications.
Whether your relationship with communications is still in its infancy or you’ve got a long history of building great communications systems, this is the right quiz for you!
Are you still in the Phreaky stage, or have you progressed to the level of Super Phreak?
There’s only one way to know for sure. Take our short quiz to find out how much of a Control Phreak you really are.
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