Feature Spotlight: Real-Time SIP Trunk Provisioning
Feature Release - 4.5.2017

Feature Spotlight: Real-Time SIP Trunk Provisioning

Remember when it used to take three to six months to get up and running with a SIP trunk? It sounds ridiculous now, but that was the reality for a lot of organizations only a few years ago. Even today, a lot of providers still get away with sluggish services. This is why Telnyx is truly proud of our Mission Control—a cloud communications platform that offers real-time SIP trunk provisioning. With a next generation self-service portal, no longer do you have to submit and wait for requests—almost everything happens instantaneously the moment you make the changes that you need.

Manage routing in real-time

Managing multiple office locations at once? Creating and activating multiple connections can be instantly done within the CONNECTIONS menu. Once activated, you can also easily route your DIDs on the fly—go to your MY NUMBERS tab within the NUMBERS menu in Mission Control and choose the connection you want associated with your phone number. Real-time rerouting can especially come in handy when it comes to situations like moving to a new office or even during a disaster recovery situation.

Instantly provision DIDs and toll-free numbers

Imagine being able to go from searching for a phone number and having that number ring within five minutes - all within the same platform! It’s all possible in Mission Control. Simply go to the SEARCH NUMBERS tab under the main NUMBERS menu choose a search type (Prefix, Region, Toll-free or Advanced) and follow the prompt.
Add to your cart and purchase the number, add a connection and voila! With Telnyx’s Mission Control, it’s so easy to Be Your Own Carrier®.If you have any questions about our real-time SIP trunk provisioning, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our amazing support team is available 24/7 in Mission Control. Feel free to schedule a demo at a time most convenient to you.
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