Remote Call Recovery — Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls

Remote Call Recovery — Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls

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We’re delighted to announce a new feature that further strengthens our unique telephony engine, Remote Call Recovery. This means the Telnyx network can sustain entire site failures without dropping a single call.

The Telnyx network was built with diversity, redundancy and resiliency top of mind, ensuring that our network provides consistently reliable call quality and availability. To achieve this, we focused on a multi-region, cloud-agnostic design — while most CPaaS providers depend on a single cloud provider.

Migrating services to the cloud introduces huge potential in scalability and reliability. However, we still account for faultless fail-over of services. Tankers, servers and even entire sites can fail — so we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that calls are never dropped, even when things go wrong.

Having focused from day one on the fundamentals of uptime and redundancy in globally deployed infrastructure, we’ve now added the ability to support entire site failures — server failures, network outages, natural disasters — all without dropping a call.

How does it work?

A back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) service operates between both endpoints of a phone call and divides the communication channel into two call legs.

Most B2BUAs provide local redundancy and call recovery, so that when a node fails all calls can be quickly automatically recovered. But if the entire server fails, a network issue affects all local nodes, or a cloud provider goes down, all the data about active calls is lost, which means all calls are dropped with no path to recovery.

Remote Call Recovery allows for our remotely deployed nodes to recover calls from a failed B2BUA node. This is achieved by sharing call state across multiple sites B2BUA nodes which are grouped in clusters. Any infrastructure failure is quickly detected by our monitoring mechanisms and the Remote Call Recovery process is triggered causing almost zero downtime.

Let's see it in action

This short video shows just what happens if one of our hosted tankers fails. With Remote Call Recovery, calls are recovered and reconnected in seconds.

You can find more info on our unparalleled network here or get in touch with our team of experts anytime.
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