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The Telnyx Network Empowers Replicant Conversational AI

Watch our video interview to learn how Replicant gained carrier-grade voice quality with Telnyx.

Odhran Reidy

Replicant's Conversational AI Solution

Replicant builds conversational AI solutions to power the contact center of the future, leveraging state-of-the-art voice technology and machine learning on API-enabled call flows.
Aside from a low-latency, deeply configurable API, Replicant needed their telephony layer to have high availability and Tier-1 carrier-grade quality. Watch a clip from our video interview with co-founder and CTO, Benjamin Gleitzman, to learn how the Telnyx network meets these needs:

Telnyx Serves Replicant's Need for Their Services

For Replicant, working with a provider with a resilient, reliable network provided peace-of-mind for their mission-critical services:
“As we grow and we expand, and we take on more enterprise customers, our demands for an always-on reliable service have really increased. Especially over the phone, every second counts. We can’t have calls dropping. Even a five-second outage could cause havoc with tens of thousands of calls that may be going on concurrently.
I’m impressed with the steps that Telnyx has taken to ensure that we never go down because of either a Telnyx or an upstream carrier issue.”

Aside from high-availability, our global private IP network with multi-cloud points of presence around the world guarantees low latency and high quality for Replicant and their customers:
“It’s also wonderful to be able to deploy Telnyx infrastructure in a point of presence that is as close as possible to where the call is originating. This just continues to increase the amount of availability, but also provide a snappier experience over the phone - I think that’s what customers are looking for.”

Watch the full interview and learn more about Replicant’s partnership with Telnyx in our Customer Story.
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