SaaS and Enterprise Applications’ Guide to Programmable SMS [eBook]

By Josh Whitaker

You can’t beat a 99% open rate.

SMS is a uniquely informal and mobile communication channel. It’s perfect for notifying users of important alerts, and automated SMS transactions can stand in for in-app functionality for users on the go. And, connecting the people behind an application with their users with SMS-enabled conversations is a powerful way to deliver support, engage users or facilitate sales discussions.

70-80% conversion for opt-in messages.

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95% of texts are read within 3 minutes.

This guide explains the unique strengths of SMS as a communication channel, and it breaks down all the ways you can utilize text messages to: - Deliver critical alerts. - Engage and activate users. - Market new products. - Maintain application security.
SMS is the most important channel for communicating with users. In this guide, find SMS methods and strategies for: - Smart alerts and notifications - SMS automation - Marketing conversions - Multi-factor authentication - User activation
Improve engagement, drive conversion, increase revenue.