Send and Receive SMS Globally with Local US Numbers
Feature Release - 9.12.2019

Send and Receive SMS Globally with Local US Numbers

It's Time to Take Messaging Global.

SMS has exploded globally, now reaching up to 7.5 billion devices worldwide. That gives messaging a higher reach than email and social networks combined. Not only this, SMS has an incredible average open rate of 98% and an average response time of just 90 seconds, making it the perfect communication channel when time is of the essence.

It’s no surprise that businesses are already heavily leveraging the power of text messaging to reach new markets and expand globally.

Here at Telnyx, we’re committed to making it super easy for our customers to do just that. That’s why we offer international two-way person-to-person SMS using US long codes. And because of our unique carrier infrastructure, we’re able to offer fully featured, reliable messaging at lower costs than any other provider.

There’s never been a better time to expand your offering to include customer support via text internationally. Over half of consumers say they prefer SMS support to any other channel, and two-way text conversations often result in faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction ratings.

To get started with Telnyx SMS, follow our simple setup guide, or if you’re an existing customer — you can purchase and provision SMS-capable US long codes in minutes via the Mission Control Portal.

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