Shorter, Streamlined Implementations & Faster Sales Cycles

Shorter, Streamlined Implementations & Faster Sales Cycles

By partnering with Telnyx and running voice telephony analysis through the cloud, you’ll receive a variety of benefits including improved flexibility, increased reliability and security, easier maintenance, and the focus of this article, faster implementations and quicker sales cycles.

Call Forking Streamlines Communications

You can thank call media forking for all these amazing benefits. Not sure what call media forking is? You can find out more about it here, but in short, it ensures all call media is duplicated, encrypted and delivered to multiple locations via Telnyx’s private IP network. This is all done in real time, so the application analysis can be carried out while the call is routed simultaneously.
With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at why shorter implementations and faster sales cycle are important, and how they can become a reality for your application.

Shorter, streamlined implementations & faster sales cycles

If you were to shorten your implementation and onboarding by X months, what would be the consequences? Would it cost less to onboard a new customer? Would you allocate fewer resources to bringing them onto the application? It’s a definitive ‘yes’ to both of those in most cases!
Shorter implementations mean faster sales cycles. Operating an application from the cloud with dynamic scalability and increased access to new markets will ultimately mean there are fewer constraints applied to the application. This opens the door to not only increased revenue, but wider company growth.
About Telnyx
Telnyx provides a cloud-based communications platform that enables cloud-based applications to perform call translation, analytics, transcription, and voice recognition in real time without any on-premise technology. Contact our customer success team to learn more.
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