Telnyx Recognized as Microsoft Skype for Business Carrier for Enterprise VoIP

Telnyx Recognized as Microsoft Skype for Business Carrier for Enterprise VoIP

CHICAGO (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 15, 2016 - Telnyx, a leading provider of wholesale VoIP services, announced today its Skype for Business certification as a SIP trunk provider. Through the certification, Telnyx is now a recognized enterprise VoIP carrier by Microsoft, making it one of fewer than 80 carriers who have passed Microsoft’s rigorous testing.
Skype for Business offers organizations enterprise-level security, Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling, and PSTN Conferencing. Its certification is one of the most stringent VoIP certificates available, and participants must meet Microsoft’s quality, reliability, feature-set and security standards.
Telnyx’s SIP trunking services, via its Mission Control Self-Service Portal and API, allows enterprises to connect their on-premise Skype for Business infrastructure to an external PSTN network in a highly scalable way, offering the highest quality PSTN interconnectivity possible via the Internet. Telnyx has built a global private network that changes the flow of communications, and Skype for Business offers Telnyx the ability to offer its services to a new segment of the market, the enterprise.
“Our ability to achieve this certification using our proprietary platform rather than off-the-shelf hardware proves that Telnyx is converging the telecom service provider and telecom equipment manufacturer models in a way that will enable new and unique modes of communication available to the enterprise,” said Ian Reither, COO at Telnyx. “This is an opportunity to continue to bring leadership and innovation to this industry.”
The SIP trunk provider interoperability program qualifies providers that are connecting enterprise, on-premise Skype for Business voice networks to a service provider offering PSTN origination, termination and emergency services through SIP protocol.
“Being recognized as a Skype for Business certified carrier for secure enterprise VoIP demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best in real-time communications,” said Reither. “It’s an important step as we continue to service customers globally.”
For more information about Telnyx, please visit You can also read more about Microsoft’s SIP trunking services and certifications at Services for Skype Businesses.
About Telnyx
Founded in 2009, Telnyx is a provider of wholesale VoIP services that enables its customers to connect with the more than 8 billion devices on the Global Public Switched Telephone Network. Telnyx enables its customers to “Be Their Own Carrier®” through its innovative portal and RESTful API. Telnyx’s SIP trunking offering allows customers to buy their telecommunications services a la carte, and to scale services up and down on demand, so that they pay only for what they use. Telnyx offers a feature set that is at full feature parity with a traditional offering, providing not only termination and toll-free and geographic DIDs, but also CNAM, emergency services, and more.
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