SMS Long Code Fee Change
News - 1.29.2019

SMS Long Code Fee Change

Long Code SMS Carrier Fee Changes

On February 1, 2019, some major U.S. wireless carriers began charging fees for outbound SMS messages sent from long codes.
We previously announced that Verizon would be the first carrier to impose the fee in 2019, with several other carriers following suit. However, Verizon has postponed implementation of the long code messaging fee until further notice.
Any Verizon fees inadvertently charged will be refunded in full for Telnyx customers.

The Long and Short of It

What’s the difference between SMS long codes and short codes?
Long codes are your classic 10-digit phone numbers (i.e., 123-456-7890) with all the calling features you regularly enjoy on your phone. Short codes are usually 5- or 6-digit numbers (i.e., 123456) that support high-volume, one-way communications.
Short code messages are often used for application-to-person messages, such as marketing promotions and user authentication. As such, SMS short code messages require carrier pass-through fees that long code messages have previously avoided. But with long code now being adapted for commercial use, some carriers have decided to implement a pass-through fee for these messages as well.
Below is a list of carriers implementing the new fee:

How Will This Impact You?

All long code messages terminating on the above carrier networks will be impacted by the new fees, regardless of provider. However, Telnyx will pass these fees to our customers without markup.
If you have any questions about the long code SMS fee change or how it will impact you or your business, please reach out to our Customer Success Team.
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